Event in solidarity with National Adjunct Walk-out Day – 25 February Teachers’ Club

NAWD25FebTC copy

Third Level Workplace Watch wish to invite you to the following event:

Feb 25th marks the first National Adjunct Walkout Day in the US whereby temporary academics across the country are walking out of their workplaces in protest over their poor pay and working conditions.

Solidarity events are taking place in other countries and we would like to show our support by holding an event to mark the day of action.

We want to start a conversation about whether a similar day of action would be feasible here.
The conversation will take place on National Adjunct Walkout Day – 25th of February- at 7:30 in the Teachers’ Club on Parnell Square. Here is a link to our event page on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/818763888159005/?fref=ts

Related article on Lookleft: http://www.lookleftonline.org/2015/02/why-we-should-care-about-national-adjunct-walkout-day-in-ireland/

All welcome.

Some information on the NAWD events can be found here:





Visit our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/ThirdLevelWorkplaceWatch) and blog (https://3lww.wordpress.com/) for more information.NAWD25FebTC

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