INFOGRAPHIC of first study of precarious work in Irish Third Level Education


You can find a pdf of the above infographic based on our online outreach project here.
This online outreach survey begun in late summer 2013. The intention was to connect with precarious academics – as workers, students, or the unemployed – and throw some light on the growing casualization of work in third level education institutions in Ireland. This study of precarious work in Irish higher education is the first of its kind.
We asked questions about rates of pay, length of time working in higher education, and their general working conditions. We received over 180 responses and were overwhelmed with the results. Let us know what you think, and feel free to share, print and (ideally) post the infographic up in your departments.
We presented these results on November 11th in Maynooth University. We want to do the same in other campuses around Ireland so please get in touch and help us organize an event where you work and study.
For further information contact: Find us on Twitter: @3rdlww or Facebook: Third Level Workplace Watch Website:


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